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Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App?

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App


A mobile app for a business is meant to build an intimate bond with the existing clients, retain them as clients and also bring new clients. It’s, however, often noted that mobile apps benefit in the longer-run and don’t bring immediate profit.
So, what should be the purpose of an app?
The purpose of an app should be to:
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How To Use Mobile Apps Efficiently: The A to Z


Using the KIN app developed by Elegant Media

Using the KIN app developed by Elegant Media

Mobile phones are much in vogue today. Everyone has high-tech smartphones, and also a bunch of mobile apps installed in them. It’s no secret that we use mobile apps everyday to read news, network with friends, do some random tasks or just kill time. And, whenever we come to know about a new app, we are quick to download it. We use some apps daily without thinking how can Continue Reading →

Why You Should Hire An App Development Company

Why Should You Hire An App Development Company?

Image: William Hook (Flickr)

A company wanting to enhance its business operations might want to tap into the lucrative mobile app sector. However, a common concern among most firms is choosing the best option with regards to app development. App development is a complicated process comprising of several stages that require in-depth technical knowledge and sound planning of the several stages of development. This is a fact that not many people are aware of. A company can either choose to hire freelancers or an app
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9 Essential Criterias For A Successful Mobile App

It is difficult to go wrong with a mobile app, yet most of the apps developed are flawed at their core. When you are developing a mobile app, you have to get some basics things about your app right to underpin its chances of a shot at glory. There are 9 critical parameters that can make your app a success. They are:


Successful mobile app 'PT in My Pocket' developed by Elegant Media

The top-selling paid mobile app ‘PT in My Pocket’, developed by Elegant Media for Colette McShane



  • Functionality is most important, as it is the axle around which all other features revolve.
  • App, and all its features should work perfectly: buttons should be easily clicked, features should work as suggested, game play should be smooth and without glitches.
  • The functioning of the app should be exactly the same regardless of whether the device is a smartphone, phablet or even a tablet.
  • Having a powerful functionality will instantly separates the wheat (your app) from the chaff (garden-variety apps lacking functionality).

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