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No. 1 Wedding Planner – iPad app development

No. 1 Wedding Planner – iPad

Congratulations on your future life together; with an upcoming wedding to plan this is the time to consider making your life that much easier.

A wedding takes a lot of organisation and anything that makes planning your special day a smoother ride and consequently less stressful is a huge plus.

This is a great app for the experienced or non-experienced planner; easy to use and allows you to take your planning everywhere you go.


  • To Do List – Forward planning. Note all tasks that require your attention and plan when to do them; this will allow you to view items days/ months ahead of time and remind you of any important jobs that need to be actioned.
  • Vendor List – Keeping track of your vendors’ can be concerning as you start to accumulate many contacts; this section of the app allows you to identify each one and contain all this information in one area.
  • Inspirational Pictures – If you see something that inspires you wherever you are, take a snap-shot of it with the inbuilt camera where it will store all your inspirational photos. You may draw inspiration from a flower, a particular colour, theme or even a table setting you want to emulate. In addition, you can pull photos from your iPad and add them here.
  • Top 100 Wedding Songs – This list has been put together to help you decide on some wedding songs for your big day. There are old classics, country, gospel and modern songs. A variety of tastes put together with videos.
  • Vow Writing – Here are some quick tips to consider when writing your vows!
  • Notes – Note taking is an efficient and helpful technique used in all situations. Have any thoughts that you want to remember later? Simply put it’s easy to forget an item when planning a big event; make a note.
  • Home Page: Gives you a quick glimpse of your overall wedding, allowing to see what things need to be done, how your budget is going and your event summary, who is attending, awaiting response, confirmed and pending etc. Plus the great bonus of a countdown!

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