There are tons of applications available on Android phones and iPhones. However, these apps will have a few differences. For years, users have been interested in learning what phones offer the best app experience. Even though Android is now starting to overtake iPhones in marketshare, it is necessary to compare these phone apps within certain categories.

Coding Language

The key difference between Android Apps and iPhone Apps is the coding language.iPhone Apps are programmed in a language called Objective-C and the developer needs an Intel based Mac device for the programming work. Since there are only a few Apple device screen-sizes, it helps the developers to easily test the designs and the app before releasing. This gives a common experience for most users.

In contrast, Android App development is in Java; generally using a set of open-source tools. Though it’s using one language, the main issue faced by Android developers is the large number of Android devices and screen sizes available in the market. This makes the testing harder, and sometimes it can give unpredictable results in some devices.



The iPhone holds a tremendous advantage when discussing game apps. Even though there are quite a few casual Android games, there are nowhere close to the amount available for the iPhone. Some of the most popular games began and are exclusive to Apple including “Sims”, Planets Vs. Zombies”, and “Mass Effect.”

Social Networking

Apps like Facebook and Twitter are available on the iPhone, but may not function as well as on an Android device. Android apps allow for a faster social update. This will add convenience and save time.

Music, Photos, and Movies

The iPhone was primarily meant to have the capability to playback various forms of media including music, pictures, and movies.  Apple uses iTunes to help a person listen to songs, television shows, and movies. All of these items are simple to manage and access. Also, Apple’s iPhoto is ideal for syncing photos. On Android devices, most people will need to use third party software.

Streaming Music

When a person wants to stream music, both Android apps and iPhone apps will work well. Apple apps like Pandora and Rhapsody are available on Android devices. However, most will have widgets in Android. This means that a person will not need to use an app. This is not the case with an iPhone.  Today, Apple does allow a person to stream music through the iPhone’s menu, but the apps need to be launched first. When a new app is launched, it is essential to return to the other app and play the music over.

Reading Ebooks

Traditionally, iPhones were not used to read Ebooks. However, apps have been developed to allow this for both iPhones and Android phones. Both platforms contain similar apps from Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook. Android phones do hold a slight advantage in this category. A person can copy a file onto a USB drive without needing a special app. In the future, Apple may limit what can be used through iTunes.

Each group of apps will bring certain advantages. For example, Android phones will be better used to stream music and partake in social networking. The iPhone dominates gaming apps and the ability to sync photos or movies. In the end, both platforms will offer a user a wide variety of useful apps that can make life much easier.

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