There are tens of thousands of iPhone apps available, and the number is on the rise. Since competition is so high, it is essential to uncover unique and effective ways to promote an app. Here are some clever ideas to try in order to make it to the top of the app pile.



Consider the Name

In order for a app to be successful, it must have a good name. Some people will simply use a keyword for the app as its name. It will take a bit of creativity to come up with a catchy title, but it will be worth it in the end. When an app has a good name, it will make it easier to find in a Google search and in app stores.


Use Social Media

Millions of people are involved with social media each day.  In order to successfully market a new iPhone app, it may be helpful to use sites like Facebook and Twitter. It would be smart to get friends and family to create a buzz and excitement about the app on personal accounts. It may also be wise to establish a Facebook Fan page for the app. This is a simple and free marketing idea. The fan page will be displayed in search engines as well. When a person joins this page, it will be published in friends’ news feeds. It is a great way to spread the word about the new app.

Develop a Mailing List

It can be very helpful to set up a mailing list for customers and other people who are interested in a business’s products.  This list will be essential when it comes time to announce new products or apps. Communicating with this list of people on a regular basis will build a trusting relationship. It may be a challenging for an iPhone developer to make this list.  However, after established, a website that is associated with products or apps will be beneficial. It will be smart to set up a place where a person can subscribe to the website. It is often best to offer a free incentive after the person signs up.

Reach Industry Blogs and Publications

When trying to market an iPhone app, it is essential to make it a big deal. If it is newsworthy, it is smart to issue a written press release. This article should include the reason why the app is different and more special than the competition. Online press release distribution is important as well. Sites like will place it under the headline “Upcoming Stories.” This will be a good way to obtain entry to trade publications, blogs, or consumer magazines.

Make a Demo Video

The best way to market an iPhone app is to give an in depth explanation of how it works. When a person gets to visually see the app in action, it will make a person more likely to use or buy the app. There are many places on the Internet where a developer can post this type of video. YouTube is a popular medium. It is also possible to distribute the demo video using a free service such as TubeMogul.

Create a Promotional Website

When a person is trying to market an iPhone app, it is essential to develop a promotional website as well. This site needs to contain a great deal of content besides a mere description of the app and its link. Some people begin blogging about the application, but this is just a starting point. Content that will attract users will include stories of the development process, user testimonials, or the idea that is behind the application. In the end, a person will increase Google rankings and also drive more traffic to the website that encourages use of the app.

With the great amount of competition in the app world, it is essential to develop a creative marketing strategy. The above tips are just a few unique ways to increase an app’s popularity. When an app has a high amount of downloads, it will help to increase revenue. It is important to stand out from the crowd and use as many promotional methods as possible. Thinking outside of the box will be useful way to generate the necessary buzz for the app.

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