Enterprise App Development
Enterprise App Development


An enterprise app is meant for big businesses. It is more complex than other apps, distributed, and dedicated to a company’s mission. It is user friendly, contains a great amount of data, and always meets strict security requirements.  The development for this type of app must meet many separate requirements. If any of these requirements are not met, the whole project may not deliver business objectives.

What an Enterprise Application Can Do for a Business

When a business has a good team to handle enterprise app development, it can bring many advantages to an enterprise.  For example, the business will enjoy an increase in employee engagement and efficiency. When an enterprise app is deployed properly, the information flow within the business will run much smoother. When overall communication is improved, productivity will be heightened.

This type of app development can help to collect customer data and contribute towards Business Intelligence (BI). It will also heighten customer satisfaction.  When customers are happy, the business will thrive.

A Growing Shift towards Enterprise App Development

Instead of using laptops and desktop computers, most people are turning to iPads and Tablets. A major reason for this is because consumers are searching for a device that allows for the optimum performance for tasks at hand – without hindering the mobility. These devices must be convenient as well. As companies are realising that right data at the right person at the right time is critical, businesses must begin to adapt to the new mobile way of getting things done.

A Key for Competitive Advantage

Mobile is NOT the future; it’s the present. If you’re not already taking advantage of smartphones and tablets to make the information flow smoother within your organisation, your competitor will. Since most employees now have some kind of a smartphone, it helps you to keep the hardware cost to a minimum as well.

New apps are constantly being developed. Enterprise apps are growing by leaps and bounds. Enterprise apps are used internally and are privately distributed to certain employees.  To develop this type of app, it is vital to have an iOS enterprise developer license.

The Q2 2013 Mobile developer Report is the biggest survey of mobile app developers. This report clearly shows the large increase in the development of apps between employees and a business. Even though the needs of an enterprise are different than those of a consumer, it is certain that mobile devices such as tablets will give better access to accomplish vital tasks of business managers.

Trends in Enterprise App Development

The International Data Corporation has been studying a consistent growth in enterprise app development. For instance, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software and other collaborative apps grew nearly seven points from last year.  Following this trend, it is expected that enterprise apps will become a mainstay in the business world.

According to Gartner Inc., one quarter of enterprises will have an app store for these types of apps used internally by employees.  They will solve the problem of security issues faced by businesses who have adopted a BYOD strategy. This is when employees are allowed to personally choose a mobile device. In the end, it will raise the value of the app portfolio and lower company risks and other expenses.

Android or iPhone? Why not both.

The trend is showing Android is now starting to overtake iPhone in the global market-share. This raises the question, which platform should you target?

This new push towards multi-platform app development is likely lead to a great increase in hybrid mobile apps. The benefits of hybrid apps will be very appealing. Since content awareness has become a crucial part of mobile apps, it will become necessary to support multiple platforms. In order to harness location information, notification systems, and other vital device capabilities, hybrid and native architecture is necessary.

Final Words

It is obvious that enterprise app development is on the rise.  As more and more companies are trying to meet the demands of employees and customers, there will be an increase in enterprise applications. Enterprise apps bring numerous benefits on the internal structure of a company. Trends show that there is a large movement toward these types of apps along with app stores that create greater security. In a few years, these apps are certain to dominate the business world as a key tool in increasing productivity, client satisfaction and competitive advantage.

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