50 Business Startup Tips For Entrepreneurs

50 Business Startup Tips For Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is a rewarding venture that takes time, effort, and planning. Not only do you need to have an idea of what kind of company you want to start, but you will also need assistance with finding funding for your startup and insight into how to build the best team. This post offers 50 business startup tips every entrepreneur must know when starting their own company from scratch. Our hope is that we can give readers confidence in their decisions and help them avoid mistakes that often come with starting something new. We look at 50 business startup tips for entrepreneurs that are sure to work well.

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20 Money Making Small Business Ideas In Victoria

20 Money Making Small Business Ideas In Victoria

Businesses always start small, and the best way to end up being lucrative is to have a side-hustle. Are you looking for a side-hustle idea that might be able to secure your financial future without taking too much risk? One of the most popular ways to do this is by starting a small business. But despite the fact that there are thousands of business options, not all are suited for beginners. We look at 20 money making small business ideas that will work well in Victoria.

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15 Clever Uses of iBeacons for App Developers – iBeacon Australia

15 Clever Uses of iBeacons for App Developers - iBeacon Australia

Technology is moving at a fast pace as is mobile app development along with the integration of artificial intelligence. With the use of iBeacons, developers are no longer limited to using their beacons in a single place or using them within their apps. iBeacon Australia are an emerging technology, and they are very useful. iBeacons come with a long list of amazing benefits. 

They allow people to be more precise in location-based services, which will increase efficiency and reduce costs because it will be easier to locate someone who needs help. They also offer convenience because they don’t require the person seeking help to maintain contact with an operator from one place or another. 

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How to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Business Mobile Apps

How to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Business Mobile Apps

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science concerned with making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. AI may have started as a novel idea, but it is now widely used in a variety of industries. We also see the importance of AI and how it is used in smartphones. 

One of the main reasons AI is widely used is because of a high degree of data that needs to be sifted through. In 2021, mobile penetration across the globe has dramatically increased, and we see the importance of the use of AI on business mobile Apps to offer a better user experience, drive customer loyalty, and increase profits.

This article will focus on how AI is changing business, and how to use artificial intelligence on business mobile Apps.

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Seal that Deal with Small Business Grants NSW

small business grants nsw

If you are a small business or startup enterprise owner, then Small Business Grants NSW will definitely be of interest to you. A small business grant can help small businesses overcome the negative stages of any economic cycle and push forward in realizing their goals.

In this article on Small Business Grants NSW, we break down everything you need to know about obtaining Small Business Grants in NSW including how you can qualify, how to apply and how to successfully secure a NSW Small Business Startup Grant.

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7 Essential Productivity Hacks for Startup Founders

7 Essential Productivity Hacks for Startup Founders

“Sometimes, things may not go your way, but the effort should be there every single night.” – Michael Jordan

Productivity is a key ingredient startup founders need to have both in their organization’s processes and employees. Productivity is measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input. Let us look at 7 Productivity Hacks startup founders can utilize in order for their businesses to be successful.

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What is Enterprise App Development?

An enterprise app is meant for big businesses. It is more complex than other apps, distributed, and dedicated to a company’s mission. It is user friendly, contains a great amount of data, and always meets strict security requirements.  The development for this type of app must meet many separate requirements. If any of these requirements are not met, the whole project may not deliver business objectives.

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Android vs iOS – Marketshare in Australia

The smartphone market is quite competitive all across the world including Australia. Even though there is a lack of large-scale surveys done in Australia, we can infer some of the market-share data by analysing the facts below.

Two surveys released recently have shown the divide in market-share across Europe. The Kantar smartphone barometer was released at the end of the summer and showed that Android still tops the market in this location. Continue reading “Android vs iOS – Marketshare in Australia”