Android Vs iOS - Marketshare
Android Vs iOS – Marketshare

The smartphone market is quite competitive all across the world including Australia. Even though there is a lack of large-scale surveys done in Australia, we can infer some of the market-share data by analysing the facts below.

Two surveys released recently have shown the divide in market-share across Europe. The Kantar smartphone barometer was released at the end of the summer and showed that Android still tops the market in this location.
Android is seeing an increase in market share, compared to both from Apple and Microsoft.  The Kantar Worldpanel has stated that the Android mobile platform for Google came in first place, but did see a slight decrease in market share. As of August 2013, Android earned a 62.1 percent share in the smartphone market. The Apple iOS did not even receive half of this percentage. To add to the conversation, the September numbers showed that Blackberry is doing well in Australia. This may be due to the support from the Australian Transportation Safety Bureau. 
The results of the Kantar Worldpanel come in contrast to the Frost & Sullivan Mobile Device Management Survey. This showed how Apple is trying to keep its hold over the corporate part of Australia. This survey displays that Apple does have a majority preference for the devices being used by employees, but organisations are seeing a rise in the number of Android based devices being used.
Due to these factors, 41 percent of organisations are expected to remain the same for the next year. However, 32 percent of organisations believe that there will be a growing trend of Android OS and believe that it has the power to overtake Apple. This may never come to fruition, since over 60 percent of Australian organisations support iOS as part of its “Buy Your Own Device” (BYOD) policy.

Final Conclusion:  Who is Winning?

When comparing iOS to Android in the Australian market, some people may feel that there is no way to judge who the clear winner will be. There are too many ways to classify these platforms. The final conclusion is that Android has the biggest market share in general, but iOS is enjoying the most financial success. Internationally, more Android devices are being sold. However, Australian businesses are holding onto the iOS platform. Future preferences may change, so it is necessary for both Apple and other Android manufacturers to release new features to keep up with the competition. If you’re a business owner, then you should consider supporting both platforms equally since they both are very strong in the market right now.

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