When a company releases an app, price will need to be considered. It is not unheard of to initiate an app that costs money, bit most companies will choose to offer a free app. This will bring many benefits.

The biggest reason why an organisation would release a free app is to gain greater access and exposure to the public.If a company’s goal is to get the app to the largest audience possible, pricing it at no cost is the right choice. Many app users will only search for apps that are free.
Another benefit of a free app is that it will allow an organisation to get many downloads in a short amount of time.  This will result in many users that may purchase a product or service in the future. It is also a great way to sell additional products down the road. A free app will draw in an audience and provide further exposure. 
A great way to earn revenue from a free app is with advertisements within the application.  This allows customers to have the opportunity to learn about the product and possibly offer positive reviews. The ads may be able to offset the initial expenses associated with the app. In-app purchases are another way to gain income with a free app. Also, it is possible to earn a core of customers that will be willing to purchase a “pro” version of the app at a later time.
There are numerous benefits that come when a business decides to release an app. However, advantages will depend on what stage of development the organisation is in. For instance, an early start up endeavour will find that an app will be a key part of product testing. A more established company will find that a basic and free app is ideal for engagement and an opportunity to increase sales. No matter the case, business apps are definitely the wave of the future.

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