iPhone App Development Steps
iPhone App Development Steps

Building an iPhone app can be a complex process. At first, it may seem challenging. However, understanding some of the basic steps will help to create a unique and a fun app. Here are the starting points to build an iPhone app.


It is always important to think about what the app’s intended purpose will be. Thinking about ideas for screenshots, app icons, and other text is important. Getting all ideas down on paper before actually starting the programming process will make the project flow more smoothly.

How to Guides

If you have no prior knowledge or experience programming, it is wise to seek help from an existing source.  The Internet is filled with numerous how to guides that help a person create a new app. If you’re going to code by yourself, you’ll need to learn Objective-C programming language, and use a software called XCode. This program can be downloaded for free from Apple. The Apple developer portal offers helpful information as well.

Research Similar Apps

While developing an app, most people begin with a concept that is based off of a different application. It is important not to copy the existing app, but it may be helpful to examine the features that would be beneficial in the creative process. See how you can take and existing app, and improvement it further with more features.

Play Around and Code

A person does not need extensive programming knowledge to create an iPhone app. You can start by developing the few initial features of the app first, and then add more features as the number of downloads grow for your app.

Test the App

Throughout the development process, you should keep testing the app with the iOS simulator. This will assure that all the kinks are worked out, and the app is working like it is meant to. The end result will be something that will users love – and pay to have.

Register with Apple and Submit your App

Before anyone can download your app from the iTunes App Store, you need to submit the App to Apple. To do this, you’ll have to register with Apple as a developer by paying an annual membership fee. Once you have this membership, you can use that account to submit as many apps as you like.

The above steps are a basic overview on how to build a new iPhone app. It is important to understand that a beginner will make mistakes along the way, but it is vital to persevere.  Creating a new app should be fun and not overly frustrating. In the end, you will have an app that will bring great pride. With further improvement, it will be possible to publish the app and make some money.

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