Cheap App Developers! 8 Questions to Consider BEFORE Hiring One…

When it comes to Mobile App Developement, cost is one of the key overriding factors. The cost of development can have a significant impact on the App Development Process and while working with Cheap App Developers can save you money in the short term, it can potentially cost you dearly in the long term, as opposed to an Affordable App Developer.

In this article, we tell you the 8 Questions to Consider before hiring Cheap App Developers!

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How to Patent an Idea in Australia and How Much Does it Cost

How to patent an idea in Australia

If the thinker in you has ever wondered How to Patent an idea in Australia and how much Does it Cost? remember that in today’s fast-paced, innovation-driven technology arena, just as it is important to come up with and develop new and innovative ideas (i.e. a successful mobile App idea), it is also crucial to protect those developed ideas or concepts by patenting them under your name or your business name.

In this article, we break down everything you need to know about protecting your idea. Amongst other things, we explore: how to patent an idea, how to patent an idea in Australia and also how much does it cost to patent an idea for a Mobile App.

It should be noted that Mobile App Ideas can only be eligible for patents if they are demonstrably innovative, new and you will also need a working prototype to qualify. 

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How to Build a Viral App?

How to build a viral app

Google Play and Apple’s App Store are currently hosting hundreds of thousands of apps on their platforms. However, there are only a handful of apps that can gain the attention of users.

One of the ways of getting those thousands of downloads is by building an app that has the possibility of going viral.

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