50 Untapped Mobile App Ideas for 2021 – Pick One and Execute

Even though App stores are flooded with different applications, Apps are only getting started. The correct execution of a good mobile App idea can easily make you a profitable App entrepreneur and possibly even a millionaire. 

The App markets, both Android and iOS, are blowing up; with new ideas and innovative apps making waves every day. The mobile app economy was worth $53 billion in 2012 and is tipped to be worth $6.3 trillion in 2021. There’s a lot of money to be made in investing in this market. 

All Great Apps start with that one great idea; and since we at Elegant Media live and breathe Apps, we have curated for you an exclusive list of 50 untapped mobile App ideas that are waiting to be made in 2021! 
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How To Decide On The Most Profitable App Idea?

The most profitable app idea - Elegant Media

Finding a profitable app idea can be like trying to unearth gold. It’s unusual to find gold in the earth and when you do, it must undergo several processes to be converted into 24-carat gold because gold doesn’t in that form on its own. Likewise, it’s unlikely you’re going to just happen upon a great app idea; however, there are things you can do to help optimize your idea sourcing so that you can come up with a profitable idea for a new app.

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