The Internet of Things (IoT) may sound abstract and confusing but we break it down in this article, as we share the Top 6 HOT IoT Mobile Business App Ideas (2024)

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things or IoT can be explained as a series of interconnected devices that connect with and exchange data with other systems and devices using the internet. 

In simpler terms, you can think of IoT as taking ‘things’ and connecting them to the internet. These ‘things’ can take on a variety of shapes, sizes and forms as applicable.

The main theme of the Internet of Things is to embed short-range mobile transceivers in various gadgets and daily necessities to enable new forms of communication between people and things, and between things themselves.

William Stallings in Foundations of modern networking (2016)

The concept of IoT was first proposed in 1985 by Peter Lewis who defined IoT as “the integration of people, processes and technology with connectable devices and sensors to enable remote monitoring, status, manipulation and evaluation of trends of such devices.”

An IoT enabled Smart Home as envisaged by Qualcomm

What are IoT Apps?

IoT Apps are Mobile Applications that allow users to interface with IoT devices enabling the transfer of data across networks, devices and systems. A very basic example of an IoT App would be one that helps monitor a home security system remotely.

IoT Apps build
Google Home is a great example of an IoT App that allows users to set up, manage, and control Google devices, plus thousands of connected products like lights, cameras, thermostats, and more.

Core Components of IoT Apps

  • Software – This would be the Mobile App itself and its features usually accessed by a user dashboard.
  • Hardware – This would be the desired Smart Device or Smart Sensors etc. that the Mobile App interfaces with.
  • Cloud – This is where all the data is stored, organised and managed.
  • Network – This is how the data is transferred between the Mobile App, Smart Device and the Cloud.

Now that you have a better understanding of IoT and IoT Apps here are Top 6 HOT IoT Mobile Business App Ideas (2023)

  1. IoT Mobile App to track the movement of sensitive printed documents – You can create an app that monitors the movement of sensitive documents by affixing a RFID (Radio-frequency identification) sticker to the relevant file or document and observing its location via a Mobile IoT App. 
  1. Mobile IoT Business App Idea to monitor endangered or endemic species – If you have a large inventory of endangered or endemic species in a fixed area, then by affixing RFID tags or collars it would be possible to easily observe and understand their behaviour using a Mobile IoT App. 
  1. IoT Mobile App to control your E Scooter – E Scooters are all the rage so why not develop a Mobile IoT App that provides users with an easy dashboard to control their E Scooter and troubleshoot any problems, all on the go. 
  1. Mobile IoT Business App Idea to trace your pet’s location – We all love our pets, so why not use a RFID enabled collar to always see where they are and what they are upto, especially when you are out at work or travelling, you can always know what your favourite pet is upto. 
  1. IoT Mobile App to control water temperature – Who dosent like a hot shower so why not use a portable sensor to indicate through a Mobile IoT App when the hot water bath is just the right temperature for you to jump in!
  2. Mobile IoT Business App Idea to detect mail in your postbox – They call it snail mail but it’s still important to receive legal documents and other letters. So why not install a sensor inside your postbox that syncs to a Mobile IoT App? This way each time a letter is dropped inside your postbox you will get a notification from your Mobile IoT App courtesy of the sensor.

Success Checklist

success list
  • Shortlist and select an experienced and affordable IoT App Developer
  • Get your core components organised (software, hardware, cloud, network)
  • Think about building an MVP to get your idea off the ground
  • Build your IoT App
  • Test, Test, Test
  • Launch your App
  • Monetize and Grow
  • Update and Maintain


IoT Apps are the future. It’s all about connecting everything and everyone and simply making life easier and productive. If you are thinking of building an IoT Mobile App, make sure to work with an experienced and affordable Mobile App Developer that really knows what they are doing and can deliver success.

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