Having a great new App idea or getting an excellent app developer to build that app is a great start. But to have a successful App, you need to know a lot about mobile app marketing strategies in the real world.

Regardless of whether you already have an app to your name or whether you want to create one that could become the next killer app, understanding some effective App marketing strategies is essential. 

So, here are 9 Creative App Marketing Trailers you must see to get your creative juices flowing!

1. SWEAT – Fitness App marketing trailer

SWEAT is a brilliant Australian App success story in so many ways. One of the key reasons behind SWEAT’s worldwide success, which has made its founder’s multimillionaires, has been a string of inspiring App marketing campaigns that every future App owner can learn from. One of them being this exceptional App marketing trailer. 

In under one minute, the rapid-fire background changes in this ad communicate the crucial message underpinning this workout app aimed quite exclusively at women: Anytime. Anywhere.

Sweat is headed by Kayla Itsines (of Bikini Body Guide fame), and based out of Parkside, South Australia.

App rating: 4.6 • 33.6K 

2. Canva – Designing App 

This popular Australian unicorn has not only built a great product that around 4 million people use every month, they have also done an excellent job of marketing it over the years. This series of trailers called “Design Anything”, has been successfully used by Canva to showcase the usefulness of their product. 

The ad shown above lays out the journey of the three founders very briefly. Much more importantly, it tells us about their vision to enable anyone to design anything – and that they did!

App rating: 4.9 • 697.6K

3. Lonely Planet Guides – Travel mobile App marketing trailer

Using one destination steeped in culture and history (Istanbul) and two travellers following their own unique, separate paths through the city, this ad showcases the multiple features of the app.

By showing the features in real-world settings, we get a good idea about how useful the travel experts of Lonely Planet can be. The ad ends with both travellers journeying on the same ferry!

App rating: 4.8 • 2.3K 

4. Lumosity – Brain Training App 

Short yet informative, Lumosity’s trailer follows conventional app marketing strategies by focusing on the huge variety of games (“based on neuroscience research”) that train your brain! 

This is the most brilliant example of how you can build an incredible marketing trailer for your App 

This “personal trainer for your brain” video trailer manages to mention all the USPs that aim to improve your memory power, attention span, and critical thinking speed – in 24 seconds! 

App rating: 4.7 • 90.4K 

5. WhatsApp – Messaging + Social Networking App marketing trailer

WhatsApp does a brilliant job at hitting all the positives of the App in this short Ad. 

The ad hits home on multiple levels. Family ties and connection are the themes of this campaign, building upon the friend-centric USP of Facebook, which owns this app. 

App rating: 4.6 • 2.9M 

6. Manchester United – Sports mobile App marketing trailer 

Completely unexpected in its quirkiness and featuring a thumping soundtrack to boot (pun intended), the official Manchester United app marketing trailer catered to hardcore Red Devils fans and today’s young Gen X crowd with its social media obsession.

Portraying the players in weird (and, as a result, entertaining) poses doing funny movements enhanced by some creative editing, this app ad subverted the stoic perception of the club!

Don’t think for a minute that you could never create an App trailer like this if you are not a billion-dollar football club because you can. With animation and editing tools becoming cheaper every year, you too can create a brilliant trailer like this one on a shoestring budget. 

App rating: 4.7 • 13.4K

7. Hotels.com – Travel & Hospitality App

They say old is gold, and that is why we dug deep into the archives of app marketing trailers and ad campaigns focused on driving app installs to bring this doozy of an ad!

The ad is for the Hotels.com App, and was shot in real-time. In this one-of-a-kind app advert, a skydiver jumps out of a plane over Lake Tahoe (in California/Nevada, US) and starts booking the hotel inside, which he is aiming to land – while dropping like a stone! Within half a minute, though, he books his room and lands; the staff confirm his room! Now THAT’S extreme booking! 

App rating: 4.8 • 1.3M 

8. Fortnite – Gaming mobile App marketing trailer

Fortnite began this version in a long, long lineup of ads ‘in medias res,’ which means right in the middle of the action. A Rambo-style player character jumps off a chopper, and you get drawn in!

Full of breakneck action, almost like the actual gameplay, this cinematic ad could very easily be mistaken for a great prologue to a movie. The end invites players to play Fortnite – Zero Crisis.

It is worth noting that Fortnite is now only available on Android devices for immersing yourself in the battle (royale), because Epic Games is engaged in a battle (legal) with Apple at the moment.

9. Squarespace – Web Design & Site Maker App 

We had to end this list of great App marketing trailers with Keanu Reeves sitting alone next to a bonfire in the middle of a desert, at night. With a laptop. Designing his motorcycle website and howling like a wolf. Do we need to say more?

This ad campaign (which had Keanu riding a bike down a highway while standing up, among other superhuman settings) drew eyeballs like little else could have done. Squarespace has continued in a similar vein, featuring Dolly Parton, John Malkovich, Idris Elba, and other heavyweights of showbiz to reinforce their app as the go-to for website making.

App rating: 4.8 • 9.4K 

Which Mobile App Marketing Strategies Should You Follow?

The category of your App will eventually determine the mobile app marketing strategy that you might follow. But really, there are no rules. Just make a video that captures your audience’s attention, keeping your brands’ theme and image in mind. 

We at Elegant Media have build Apps for some of the biggest brands and Apps that have kickstarted App businesses for hundreds of entrepreneurs. Get in touch with us to know what App marketing strategy will work best for your App.

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