Using the KIN app developed by Elegant Media
Using the KIN app developed by Elegant Media
Mobile phones are much in vogue today. Everyone has high-tech smartphones, and also a bunch of mobile apps installed in them. It’s no secret that we use mobile apps everyday to read news, network with friends, do some random tasks or just kill time. And, whenever we come to know about a new app, we are quick to download it. We use some apps daily without thinking how canimprove our experience with mobile apps. Improving experience of using apps means taking ample care that we do the things the right way from downloading to usage or uninstallation. This ensures that you are protected from spam  and that your mobile phone also is saved from any unintended meltdown. You can also obtain a superior experience from all your apps and your smartphone if you do some things right.  right settings are turned on so that the data and battery usage is kept to a minimum.


Here are some ways your can optimize your app experience:
Note: It is much safer to download apps from the official app stores for any mobile platform like iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc, rather than downloading it from websites or unofficial app stores.


Stage 1: Before Download


  1. Read reviews and ratings to determine whether the app is worth giving it a try
  2. Check the developer’s portfolio or website for genuineness
  3. Check the screenshots and video to make sure the app will work as you have imagined it to
  4. Check the system requirement to ensure that the app will install on your mobile phone
  5. Check the app size to ensure that there is enough space on your phone
  6. Check whether the app is free, paid, or based on the freemium model


Stage 2: While downloading


  1. Check what the app is demanding access to on your smartphone (contacts, GPS, etc)
  2. If you get warnings signaling the apps is unsafe, pay heed to  them by cancelling the app download


Stage 3: After download


  1. Enable/disable push notifications to avoid battery drainage
  2. Check/uncheck autoplay videos to prevent mobile data usage
  3. Check whether the app uses your smartphone gps
  4. Check whether the app runs only on wi-fi, mobile data or both
  5. Check whether the app refreshes automatically; if yes, then know the time interval for the refreshes
  6. Check whether the app stores data that you feed it; if yes, then where


Stage: Before uninstall


15. Check what will happen to your data stored on the app if you uninstall
16. Get a backup of the app on your laptop or hard drive, if possible


Stage 4: After uninstall


17. Check whether all updates or apps related to the uninstalled app are deleted









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