The Melbourne-based App Development Company, Elegant Media has been stealing the show at award ceremonies in the last couple of years. They had an incredible 2020, where they bagged some of the biggest industry awards for their work and they have continued their stunning performance in 2021.

In this article we highlight the awards won by Elegant Media across 2021:

  • 2021 Gold Stevie® Award Winner – Innovative Achievement in Customer Satisfaction
  • 2021 Gold Stevie® Award Winner – Innovation in Technology Management, Planning & Implementation
  • 2021 Highly Recommended Business – Australian Achiever Awards – Computer Systems, Software & Internet Services

2021 GOLD STEVIE® Award Winner – Innovative Achievement in Customer Satisfaction – Elegant Media

in-house testing tool award

The Problem

When it came to sharing App Development updates with customers and with an increasing number of projects been onboarded, Project Managers at Elegant Media, required a solution that overcame the most common problems when sharing app development updates with customers:

  • Accessibility – The customer finds it difficult to access third party App testing tools
  • Control & Functionality – Third-Party App Testing Tools lack the configuration to offer full control and functionality of Apps under development
  • Limited Sharing – Sharing the progress of Apps under development was not easy and therefore difficult to obtain feedback
  • Not Reflective of Progress Achieved – Third-party App Testing Tools made the testing process bulkier, tedious and slow and was often not a real reflection of the App’s performance in a real environment

The Solution

To overcome these problems and enhance overall customer satisfaction, the Project Managers at Elegant Media set about devising and conceiving their very own in-House Mobile App Testing System.

The Impact

Following its launch, Elegant Media’s In-House App Testing system was hailed by customers for its easy-to-use functionality interface and access, making the customer experience even more delightful.

The Project Management Team at Elegant Media also witnessed an exponential growth in productivity efficiency with in-built, time and budget savings for happy customers. Some of the clear benefits include:

  • Increased Accessibility, Functionality and Control for Elegant Media customers
  • Real Life Testing Experience 
  • Opportunity to Provide Specific and Detailed Feedback Directly to Project Managers
  • Superior Time Saving making the App Development Process faster
  • Helped build apps that align with the customer’s creative vision and expectations
  • Supreme Reliability, Security and Confidentiality
  • Transformed Customer Experience with a 100% Five-Star Customer Rating in 2020 reflecting Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty

2021 GOLD STEVIE® Award Winner for Innovation in Technology Management, Planning & Implementation – Elegant Media

jumpstart award

The Problem

As an experienced and affordable App Developer, Elegant Media understands that a considerable period of time of any Mobile app Development process is assigned for building wireframes. 

This time-consuming task was identified as a key obstacle by Project Managers at Elegant Media in terms of speeding up the App Development Process in order to continue to deliver affordable and high-quality Mobile Apps for its valued customers.

The Solution

With over a decade of experience in building wireframes and award-winning Apps, The Elegant Media Technology Team, therefore, created the Jumpstart Process, which helps to reduce the timeframe of the wireframing process by a staggering 60% to 80%.

This is possible due to the fact that using the Jumpstart Process, it is now possible to rapidly replicate the fundamental building blocks (wireframes) required to build a Mobile App.

This is credited to the revolutionary automation of the wireframe development process that continuously replicates the fundamental blocks of coding a Mobile App in a highly effective and productive manner.

The inherent time savings also allowed Project Managers at Elegant Media to dedicate more time in crafting and creating innovative and dynamic, superior Mobile Apps that continue to delight customers.

The Impact

The Jumpstart Process has provided many mutually beneficial benefits that have further empowered Elegant Media to retain existing customers and obtain new business. This was achieved by:

  • Reducing the timeframe of the wireframing process by 60% to 80%. 
  • Reducing the timeframe of the development process 
  • Helping Elegant Media deliver more innovative Apps of greater quality.  
  • Lower Overall App Development cost

2021 Australian Achiever Awards – Highly Recommended Business for Computer Systems, Software & Internet Services – Elegant Media

award for customer service

The Problem

Project Managers at Elegant Media required an independent and unbiased channel to obtain reviews and feedback from their valued customers and suppliers in order to drive the conversion of leads into sales.

The Solution

The Australian Achiever Awards were established in 1998 to encourage, recognise and promote excellence in customer service. The Awards are adjudged in a provide organisations an unbiased and quantifiable channel for small to medium-sized businesses to be rewarded and recognised for outstanding customer service. 

Having submitted an application Elegant Media was adjudged as a ‘Highly Recommended Business’ based solely on Customer and Supplier Feedbacks obtained. 

This category was open to those who specialise in computer systems, software solutions, IT diagnostics, software installation, computer repair, computer hardware supplies, corporate technology diagnostic, design and solutions, cloud storage, and internet services.


As a result of this Award, Elegant Media was able to better leverage its customer service credentials in order to drive bottom line growth. As this award was based solely on Customer and Supplier Feedback, it provided potential Elegant Media customers a sense of confidence and trust that in turn helped to convert many leads into Mobile App Development customers. This was achieved by:

  • Increasing Credibility
  • Improving Brand Perception
  • Showcasing a Third Party Genuine Perspective
  • Highlighting an Authentic Customer Experience


Elegant Media is committed to innovating and improving its processes to continually exceed customer expectations. One of its most recent creations is BRIQ – An intuitive self-training platform and mobile App for tradespersons preparing for the Victorian Builders Licence Exam with a 100% Success Rate thus far.

Awards Won by Elegant Media

awards family
YearName of AwardDescription of Award
2020ClutchTop Australian B2B Company in
Developers and IT Services
2020Deloitte APAC
Technology Fast 500
Company Financial
2020Business AwardProcess Improvement [BPI]
2020Business AwardBusiness Technology [BTA]
2020Stevie AwardAward for Innovation
in Product Design and
2020ClutchTop B2B Company in
2019ClutchTop Australia
Company Developers
2018ClutchLeading Australia Agency
2018Mobile Web
Application Service
Provider Mobile

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