A company wanting to enhance its business operations might want to tap into the lucrative mobile app sector. However, a common concern among most firms is choosing the best option with regards to app development. App development is a complicated process comprising of several stages that require in-depth technical knowledge and sound planning of the several stages of development. This is a fact that not many people are aware of. A company can either choose to hire freelancers or an app
development company to develop the app. Since app development is a huge investment in itself, the final decision regarding app development should be taken after giving careful consideration to the pros and cons of both the choices



To come to a prudent decision, it is important to know how complex the App Development Process is.


App Development Process


The process starts off with defining a concept or a goal or targeting a problem and providing a solution through the app. Once the app’s purpose and target users are decided, rough sketches are drawn to portray how the different screens of the app will work and how users will navigate through it. These sketches help in visualising the functioning of the app and answer some of the questions associated with its functionality. Based on these rough sketches, the wireframes are designed, which depict the page layout including interface elements and navigational systems, and how they work together.
The completion of the wireframes is a green signal to begin the process of app development. However, before starting with app development, the amount of resources needed during the process is determined. This includes dividing the entire process into phases and assigning qualified staff to handle specific phases.
 The backend for the app is developed first after which the individual screens of the app are designed. Once the front-end and the back-end are ready, they are integrated using appropriate codes. The app is then beta tested and modified if it is found lacking. The app is then published on the app stored and distributed to app discovery sites. But, even after the app is released, the work doesn’t end, as the app has to be marketed. More importantly, the may need regular maintenance and upgrading to adapt to the changing OS and to suit shifting customer preferences. So, in most cases, app development is a complex, long draw-out affair requiring the help of experts. Hence, it is nearly impossible for a company develop an app in-house. It can either take help of freelancers by outsourcing the app development, or it can hire an app development company to develop the app.


Pitfalls of Hiring Freelancers and Outsourcing


One way for a company to develop an app is by hiring freelancers and outsourcing the entire task to them. Although it seems simple at first, hiring freelancers and outsourcing can cause several problems midway. Although this is a viable option, there are some downsides to it:



  • Lack of Loyalty and Dedication

     Freelancers source projects from several places; many times, they accept several projects — all at the same time – since they are in need of money. So, freelancers tend to give preference to some projects over others, especially when big money is involved. Hence, the other projects don’t get the attention they deserve, and so they either don’t get completed on time or fall woefully short of the expected quality.


  • Relinquishing Intellectual Property Rights

    Freelancers, while accepting projects, don’t agree to enter into written agreements, since they essentially work on their terms. The long-distance between the clients and the freelancers also make any written agreements render worthless. So, they don’t sign the non-disclosure agreement (and even if they do, it is not always followed). It is no different with the intellectual property rights, and so you don’t have exclusive rights over anything pertaining to the project.


  • Difficult Vetting Process

    There are thousands of freelancers in the market. You have to select the one that would do most justice to your app. This vetting process is incredibly difficult and can take quite a long time since you don’t know anyone personally, and yet your judgement made not be 100% accurate.


  • Low Reliability and Higher Risks

    A thorough observation of the way freelancers work makes oneself immediately assert that they are not much reliable. The reason for that is, they usually work individually, but come to work together only for a particular project. So, you essentially take a chance when you assign development of an app to a freelancer. Since the stakes with app development are so high, there is absolutely no scope for error. All these factors make hiring freelancers quite a risky proposition.


  • Long Distance Takes Longer

    Since the freelancers are located in a altogether different geographical area, it can take longer for you to go over project details, modifications, or issues with over electronic means like phone call, video call or emails.


  • No Motivation or Team Spirit

    Since the freelancers are scattered all across the world and work individually as part of a team, it is difficult to get the subcontractors motivated and pushing toward your goals.  Moreover, there is a clear lack of team spirit because of the fragmented nature of their work.



The Pros of Hiring a Development Company


As much as app development is hectic, this process can be made hassle free by outsourcing the task to an app development company. Advantages of this approach include:


  • Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

    App development companies have qualified personnel to complete your projects under stipulated timelines, with desirable outcomes on the first go. Although the total cost of app development is higher, the revenue likely exceeds it by a large margin over a period of time.
  • Guaranteed Quality

    App development companies have certain quality standards that they have to maintain to preserve the image of the company and to keep new projects coming in. So, these companies have no option but to get it right and exactly according to the specifications. Hence, you can get high-quality mobile apps by allocating app development to an app development company.


  • Ongoing Support

    The task doesn’t end once an app is developed. An app requires constant maintenance, bug fixes and upgrading to be at par with customer needs. Such ongoing tasks can cost you plenty of time, resources and money in the long run, since freelancers don’t usually provide support. However, with an app development company, you are assured that it will take care of all the upgrades and ongoing support tasks. This ensures that you get a complete product without having to pay again for any extra costs, thus avoiding budget inflation.
Apart from these pros, there are some other benefits of hiring app development companies; these benefits actually form the pitfalls of hiring freelancers. Some of these benefits include: Dedication and team spirit Towards Accomplishing Goals, High Reliability and Low Risk, Easy Selection Process Based on Portfolio, Signing Non-disclosure Agreements, and Retaining Intellectual Property Rights.


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