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Brake Pad Identification Mobile App

Bendix – one of the world’s most prominent manufacturers of brake pads for passenger and commercial vehicles together with Elegant Media, developed and deployed an innovative Brake Pad Identification Mobile App. 

Brake Pad Identification using Computer Vision

When it comes to replacing brake pads, getting the exact part that is required can be complex and difficult. Brake pads must completely align and meet the specifications and requirements of the intended vehicle in order to function effectively and safely.  

The Bendix Mobile App enables Bendix customers to take a photograph of their existing brake pads and then obtain the exact part number and other relevant details using the power of Computer Vision. 

Bendix App Features

Computer Vision Technology

Bendix customers can use the power of Computer Vision to take a photograph of their existing brake pads and then obtain the exact Bendix part number

Automatic Part Identification

Given the importance of the right fit and exact match the Bendix App will highlight the exact part and number that matches the captured image.

Required Technical Specifications

The required technical details for the relevant brake pad part is also provided enabling the customer to properly understand their application. 

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