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My Gratitude Journal is a digital diary providing a space to record your gratefulness each day to create a domino effect to bring happiness into your life.

Your Digital Diary of Gratitude  

My Gratitude Journal is a digital diary to record your gratitude and bring happiness into your life. With daily motivational quotes and the ability to express yourself and manifest your desires, My Gratitude Journal provides users a great new way to store memories and bring light into your day, everyday. 

The key feature of this digital journal is the ability to customise the colours you associate with feelings and moods. For example, one person may associate red with ‘anger’ while another associates it with ‘love’. 


  • Calendar based search
  • Google Maps (integration)
  • Categorise To Do List 

Features Delivered

Delivering World Class Experiences

Record - Write what you’re grateful for everyday as well as taking note of your moods, and locations.
Write - Write in your journal
Capture memories - Take photos of your moments
To Do List - Write your To Do List
Customise - Change font colours

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