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Bolsta Raffles is the new digital raffle book, making fundraising easier than ever. Not-for-profit groups, schools, sports clubs and more now can easily customise their own raffle campaign and start raising funds in minutes. There are no upfront costs and users will make a profit for their cause from the very first ticket sale.  

Simplifying Raising Funds 

Organising and running a raffle is hard. Now with the Bolsta app, charities, schools, and sports clubs can easily raise funds all on the one platform. 

Not only can users set up their unique campaign, sell tickets and get the whole team involved plus family and friends, but they also don’t have to worry about finding prizes! Bolsta has that covered. 

Bolsta is free to join and you’ll get profit from the very first ticket sale. With every ticket sold, 60% goes into the fundraiser’s account while the other 40% go towards Bolsta prizes.

Bolsta is now your new and improved raffle book!


  • Live tracking 
  • Secure payments in-app
  • QR code technology
  • Algorithms to make reports of campaigns 
  • Feedback mechanisms 

Features Delivered

Delivering World Class Experiences

Get help - recruit students, parents, club members and volunteers to help sell tickets in your raffle.
See the rewards - see who’s doing what and watch your funds grow with live tracking
No more paper tickets - Bolsta is the new digital raffle book!
Sell tickets - sell anywhere at anytime so you never miss an opportunity
Ask for help - Link with family and friends to give you a hand selling your allocation of tickets
Make payment - Pay for tickets on the spot, or pledge to purchase later.
Keep informed - receive the results of your draw and updates about the cause you supported

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