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Kangaroo Kickboxing – iOS app development

Kangaroo Kickboxing – iOS

Kangaroo Kickboxing, the ultimate mash-up brought to you by STEVICK PTY LTD and developed by Elegant Media.

Game Modes:

• Quick Play – Jump straight into the world of Kangaroo Kickboxing.
• Tournament Mode – Fight your way through the States in Australia and be the Kangaroo Kickboxing Champion.
• Play Online – Want to test your mettle against your mates. Get online, equip yourself and get going.

With Kangaroo Kickboxing on your device, you’ll have to battle the State stars and the rest of the Kangaroo Kickboxing Universe to reign supreme as the Ultimate Kangaroo Kickboxing Champion.


  • Kanga-you: Make your own Kangaroo Kickboxer by taking a picture of yourself and using your avatar vs the Kangaroo Kickboxing Universe.
  • Have a variety of Kangaroo based characters to choose from, characters such as Kangye West to the unstoppable Beast from the East.
  • Get your character the best equipment Kanga-Chips can buy, wheter it’s Nunchucks, Kanga Busters or Golden Gloves.

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