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If you ask any venue or any artist what is the most time-consuming part of their profession that if they could, they would rather not do, the answer will be the same. For venues, it is the finding-booking-and organising of artists, and for artists, it is the finding-booking-and organising of venues. Elegant Media is excited to have developed a platform that provides the solution to just this problem.

Entertainment Made Easy with Mobile Technology

Easy Entertainment is an online entertainment booking facility for both venues and artists to manage all bookings with ease. 

For venues, Easy Entertainment makes it, well, easy to book entertainment! The App helps you find new local artists and bring in the crowds you’re looking for. Venue owners just need to register, publish a job and choose the artist that fits your requirements.

For artists, you can use Easy Entertainment to easily and quickly find gigs! The app intuitively connects artists with venues making the whole booking process a breeze. 


The key to Easy Entertainment is the easy booking of venues and artists.

Our App development team worked tirelessly to make the ‘easy’ possible. The App had to be intuitive and hassle-free, which required that the UX and the UI design to be the perfect fit for this App. 

Working Together

Easy Entertainment founders approached Elegant media with a brilliant vision for a niche App which was desperately needed in the entertainment industry. Our team spent some time understanding the vision and laying out the perfect design flow. 

Working along with the vision of the founders and while conducting regular feedback sessions with them, the award-winning EM team developed an App that has the potential to revolutionise the entertainment industry!

“We thought, why not design a platform that makes this easy for everyone and becomes your online booking facility. Easy Entertainment is a very affordable, simple way to manage all bookings.

Peter Rogers (Founder).

Features Delivered

Delivering World Class Experiences

Post - List multiple upcoming jobs
Take Control - setting your budgets, entertainment type and locations with ease
Search - Look for available artists near you
Notifications - Receive important notifications and reminders
Booking History - Review your booking history
Apply for Jobs - Easily find and apply for the jobs that suit you
Payment Portals - Artist and income payment portals

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