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Going Coconuts – iPhone app development

Going Coconuts – iPhone

The Going Coconuts App is the universal recipe app for all coconut oil and coconut product lovers worldwide. Created by Brynley King the Creative Director and Product Developer behind one of the worlds fastest growing coconut oil brands, Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil.

Going Coconuts was created by Bryn (as a hobby) after travelling to various coconut plantations throughout The Pacific and Asia and working in the organic coconut industry since 2008. No matter what brand you are using, this app was designed to help you use your beloved coconut products and take your recipe creating to a whole new level.

Going Coconuts is not just your regular recipe app. It features so much more including a regularly updated blog with tips, interviews and recipes from several incredible foodies from around the world.

Within the recipe section, each recipe has been captured with stunning photography and is tailored to many food intolerances such as vegan, paleo, gluten free, dairy free and raw diets with a wide choice of nut free recipes. The recipes were created with minimal ingredients and simple ingredient-swap options, as Bryn knows first hand spending several hundred dollars on exotic products isn’t obtainable for most people. What’s even better is that each recipe has approximate recipe costings suited to those families or students who are on a budget.


+ Over 60+ (way more to come!) delicious and simple recipes designed to bring out the culinary artist in you!
+ Incredible recipes such as donuts, cheesecakes, raw slices and chocolate bowls with a few sneaky cocktails such as mojitos and an espresso martini too!
+ Recipes are suited to those on vegan, paleo, gluten free, dairy free and raw diets with a wide choice of nut free recipes.
+ Categories include breakfast, drinks, desserts (a lot), mains, condiments, 6 ingredients or less and guest foodies.
+ Guest Foodies section of recipes designed to showcase incredible food by some of your favourite foodies throughout the world.
+ Recipe costings for every recipe in AUD to show you approximately just how much the whole batch or per serve will cost. This feature was designed for those of you who are on a budget and are looking for cost effective recipes such as raw desserts and treats.
+ Each recipe has nutritional information to suit those with special dietary requirements.
+ Each recipe has the number of serves and additional tips to help you store, cut or present your creation in the best way possible!
+ Save your favourite recipes for easier access when cooking up a storm in the kitchen!


+ Blogs such as “Meal prep for 5 days under $40 AUD”, “100 uses for coconut oil (that are actually real uses)” and “Ingredient Swaps”.


  • Compatible with both iPhone & iPad and made in portrait view, for less scrolling or clicking when creating in the kitchen.
  • Regular free updates across the recipe & blog categories.
  • User-friendly design with simplicity as a main priority when developing this app.
  • FAQ’S section, so you can easily view frequent questions and their answers.

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