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Industrial Hazardous Energy Isolation App

GryphLOCK is one of Elegant Media’s proudest innovations that is revolutionising a key operation in the industrial sector. GryphLOCK is a first-of-its-kind health and safety innovation that uses QR code technology to help simplify and track hazardous energy isolations. Any business with an isolation point can highly benefit by using the GryphLOCK App.

Revolutionising Industrial Health & Safety 

Any person that would find themselves on a customer site or facility, can download and use GryphLOCK App to record any electrical, mechanical, operational or energy source isolations. The App is designed to improve Health and Safety compliance for companies with isolation points. It simplifies the Hazardous Energy Isolations for the end-user and centralises the register system to ensure smooth auditing. 

Across many industries with isolation points, they perform the standard ‘Lock Out, Tag Out’ (LOTO) process. If you were to work on equipment, LOTO requires you to switch off its energy source and attach a lock to the switch. This prevents anyone from switching it on while you’re working on it as the key to the lock is only available to the person that performed the lock out. 

LOTO ensures the safety of the worker. However, this process currently uses physical report logbooks and relies on people to remember to remove their locks at the end of their shift. It can be time-consuming and human error can occur. 

This is where GryphLOCK comes in.

GryphLOCK is a paperless platform that uses QR codes, a cloud-based database and real-time technology to simplify and modernise the LOTO process. A user attaches a lock, scans the code on the isolation point tag with their mobile device (Isolated entry in the digital logbook) and after their work is completed, removes the lock, scans the code with their mobile device (De-isolated entry in the digital logbook) and completes a short checklist that the company can create.  

GryphLOCK helps industrial businesses go paperless and saves time and effort as well as making a safer environment for their workers. The App greatly elevates accurate reporting and therefore ensures greater customer confidence in many GMP (good manufacturing practice) and OHS (occupational health and safety) processes.

Technology Used

The main function or feature of this industrial mobile application system is to enable users and companies from any industry to log and record Hazardous Energy Isolations performed throughout their facility. There are three main technological features in this mobile application: QR code technology, a cloud-based database and real-time updates. 

QR code technology modernises the LOTO process by allowing workers to easily scan a QR code and report their actions using their own mobile devices. The information reported is stored on a secure cloud-based database. Another technological feature of GryphLOCK is having real-time updates, allowing everyone to be on the same page. Going digital and using technology like this replaces the need for using physical logbooks that can be lost, damaged or tampered with, and makes the safety process more efficient and modern.  

Working Together

Our project manager and developers had to conduct thorough research into the industrial operations in order to fully understand the concept of the App. The client, who is a talented engineer, worked with our team closely and answered any questions we had and provided us with the documentation we needed. Because of all this, the project was developed in less than a year! It started in April 2021, and was launched in January 2022. Shenoli, the project manager, says that this was one of her favourite projects to manage so far.

Who is the App for?

Examples of companies that will find GryphLOCK useful are, but are not limited to:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Mines
  • Hotels
  • Mobile plant operating companies
  • Power generation and distribution facilities
  • Food manufacturing
  • Restaurants
  • Workshops
  • Home workshops
  • Packaging facilities
  • Airports

  • Agricultural packhouses
  • Processing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Distributors
  • Mobile service technicians
  • Sawmills
  • Paper Mills
  • Communication companies
  • Train and railway operating companies
  • Governments

  • Transport companies
  • Amusement parks
  • Take Away shops
  • Oil refineries
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants
  • Museums
  • Laboratories
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Sport facilities
  • Shopping centres/malls
  • Tire shops

Anyone across the globe involved with any form of machine or electrical equipment can benefit from this application. The system scales well from a single-point user to multiple thousand-point enterprises. The Online Access Portal makes reporting easier than ever to access and analyse data and even export it in PDF form for offline archiving.

Features Delivered

Delivering World Class Experiences

User Feature Set - This allows quick and easy isolation entries using the device’s camera to scan a QR code attached to the isolation point.
My Isolation History - The App saves a rolling 5-day register on the device to easily access the past week’s isolations.
Notification Feature - To remind users to remove their locks at the end of their shift.
Technician Feature Set - In addition to the user features, the technician feature set includes the ability to create and manage group isolation or “Lockboxes”.
Site Isolation Registry - In addition to the standard register, the technician has access to the live isolation’s register enabling them to see what users are currently registered under an active isolation.

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