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Kids Friendly is a comprehensive guide to help parents find the best baby, toddler, child and family friendly “EVERYTHING” that all parents want. Everything on “Kids Friendly” has been recommended by parents like you. Kids Friendly is about parents helping each other by making recommendations, writing reviews and sharing information about the best kid friendly places and items they’ve found.

This app was created by me, a single mother who, like all parents, wanted the best for her child however didn’t know where to start or what questions to ask. Parenting comes with many challenges and finding the best kid friendly services and products is one of them. The kid’s friendly app is designed, to help parents find kids friendly services and products in your local area.

Like many other parents, I had many questions and found that when talking to other parents, they too, had the same questions but where do we go for advice? I wanted advice on which pram, video monitor and car seat should I get? What is the best GP for my child, where are the best kid friendly places to go, what child care is great for my child where they will be happy, well cared for and have all of their needs met. Therefore I decided to create an app so all parents could help each other find answers to their questions.

This app is designed for parents to access information on a variety of products and services in their local area, which have been recommended by other parents with the ultimate goal being, to help other parents.. We all want the best for our children and need the support, knowledge and experience of other parents, so we know where to turn when in need.

Parents are encouraged to make recommendations under the categories provided:
-Family Friendly GP
-Family Friendly Cafes/Restaurants
-Essential Items (Prams, Car Seats and Video Monitors)
-Recommended Products
-Family Friendly Things to do indoor/outdoor
-Family Friendly Holiday Stays
-Recommended child care

The category recommended items gives parents the opportunity to recommend anything they loved for another parent or child, whether it’s a toy, a book, a birthday venue, a great sale on for kids or anything else you just loved.

The more recommendations a product or service receives, the higher in rank it will appear.

They say it takes a village to raise a child; use your experiences to assist and ease the concerns and decision making of other parents.

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