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MyTempo – iPhone mobile application development

MyTempo – iPhone

MyTempo is the must-have practice app for today’s musician, allowing you to speed up, slow down and loop any recording without changing the pitch. Load an AMEB Recorded Accompaniment or any digital recording into the app and choose your own practice tempo. Perfect for personal study and exam preparation.


  • Speed dial: slow down or speed up the tempo of any digital recording
  • Tap BPM: determine the tempo of a piece by tapping along in time
  • Metronome: set a tempo and have that tempo sound while you practise
  • Loop function: practise smaller sections of your recording on repeat

About AMEB

AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) is Australia’s leading provider of examinations in music, speech and drama.

Since 1887, AMEB has set the standard for excellence in music, speech and drama in Australia.

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