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Team Trax

Let TeamTrax be the central hub of your MLM team! This easy-to-use App will allow you to completely transform the efficiency and production of your team. TeamTrax focuses on Action, Accountability and Activity to help you build your team to the next level. This amazing App will allow you to:

1) Connect with your team with your own unique user accounts. You will be able to share calendar entries to make appointments with your team members much easier.

2) Set goals for your specified time-frame, and allow the count-down timer to remind you of how long you have to reach those goals. Goals range from number of calls made, to the number of appointments set through those calls, to finally the number of deals closed through those appointments.

3) Key in your activities daily and hold each other accountable. By entering your activities into the App, TeamTrax will measure your efficiency in converting Calls into Appointments, and Appointments into Closed Deals.

4) Build your dream-board of why you are in your business – and share it with your team.

5) Keep track of your own progress and the progress of your team with LIVE statistical updates. You will be able to measure the efficiency of different teams at any given moment, day and night, no matter which country your team may be in.

6) You and your team’s subscription will also contribute to making a difference around the world. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on the latest projects TeamTrax are supporting to make the world a better place.

For less than the price of 1 coffee per month, you will not only have access to this amazing App, but also contribute to the needy in society. Download now and join the new ERA of network marketing today!

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