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Your Happy Place is designed to help you understand the relationship and connection between your personality traits and the activities or places that make you happy.

Mental Health and Mobile Technology

Understanding who you are and what makes you happy is key to healthy personal mental and physical well being and mobile technology is leading the way in providing people the opportunity to enhance their wellbeing journey. The Founder of Your Happy Place approached Elegant Media for a mobile application solution and her idea is now a reality.

Your Happy Place is designed to track your moods, the places you go, the things you do and how well your needs are met. The App helps you discover and monitor any patterns between your moods and the activities and places in your life. It also allows you to understand your personality traits and assists you in deciding which places and activities best fit your personality type, helping improve your mental and physical wellbeing. 

Features Delivered

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Identify your Personality - Get a better understanding of your personality and how it affects you
Track Your Activities & Moods - Make entries to track your social, mental and physical well-being and monitor patterns.
Mood Record - See how and why your mood changes
Review Places - Creates a place mood landscape
Search Your Maps - Look at the maps you’ve created of the moods, activities and places in your life
Keep a Journal - Record your moods and feelings about different places
Share your personality traits, happiness records, happy places, moods, activities, records and charts.

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